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Metamucil App Redesign

Presented by Angela Speed
Application Developer, Proctor & Gamble

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Happy Gut App Case Study

I. Introduction

  • The goal of the project was to improve the usability and user experience of the Metamucil "Happy Gut" app.

  • The original app had usability issues, such as a cluttered interface and confusing navigation.

Happy Gut App Case Study

Sample presentation based on Research (changed for confidentiality).

II. Research

  • User research methods included online surveys and in-person interviews with users of the original app.

  • Key insights from the research revealed that users found the original app difficult to navigate and that they wanted more personalized content and reminders.

  • Competitor analysis showed that similar apps focused on user education and offered personalized content.

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  • Hive

  • Adobe XD

  • Big Commerce

  • Accenture


  • 2 UX designers

  • 6 developers

  • 1 project manager

My Role

  • UX design

  • UX prototyping

  • Front-End Development

Happy Gut App Case Study

Instagram Social post introducing the upcoming resign of the App (my animated logo).

III. Design and Testing

  • The design process began with a brainstorming session and sketching ideas.

  • The redesigned app included new features such as personalized content, reminders, and a simplified interface.

  • Usability testing was conducted with a group of users who had previously used the original app.

  • Results of testing showed that users found the new design easier to navigate and appreciated the personalized content and reminders.

Happy Gut App Case Study

IV. Challenges

  • One of the challenges faced was limited resources for development.

  • Conflicting design ideas between stakeholders also needed to be resolved.

Happy Gut App Case Study

V. Outcome

  • The redesigned app resulted in increased user engagement and higher app ratings.

  • User feedback showed that users appreciated the personalized content and reminders.

  • Future plans include continuing to update the app with new features, such as tracking and analytics to help users understand their progress.

VI. Next Steps

This app is currently in development and will soon be released to download on the Apple Store and Google Play with in app purchases.

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